1+2U DVB-T/T2 Transmitter TV-150D  Datasheet

General data

Operating frequency range UHF 470 – 862 MHz or VHF 170 – 230 MHz, setting in 1 Hz steps
Bandwidth 6,7,8 MHz

Output power 150 Wrms ± 0.5 dB
Output connector N female, 50 ohm

Supporting standards EN 302 755, TS 102 831, NS 102 773 (T2-MI)

TS Input interface 2 x ASI T2-MI, BNC 75 ohm
2 x ASI TS, BNC 75 ohm (mode A option)
2 x TsoIP 1Gb, RG45 (TSoIP option)

ASI monitor BNC female 75 ohm

GNSS antenna input 1 x GNSS antenna, TNC 50 ohm, user selectable DC bias
integrated multi standard receiver (GNSS option)
External SFN timing:
1pps input / output BNC female 50 ohm
10MHz input / output BNC female 50 ohm

Control and settings on front panel and remotely
Control Interface 1 x RJ45 in front panel + 2 x RJ45 in rear panel
1 x RS-232
1 x RS-485 for external amplifiers

Remote control RS232, Ethernet (WEB and SNMP)
WEB GUI control for use with standard Web Broser.

MER ≥ 35 dB

Operating condition:

Temperature range +5 … +45 °C
Humidity 80% non condensing

AC power supply ~220 V +10/-15% ; 50 ± 2 Hz
Efficiency depend on amplifier design: Broadband
Broadband Doherty
Cooling forced air
Dimension 1+2U 19”
Weight 20 kg


Digital adaptive pre-corrector (DAP option)
Integrated Multi Standard Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS option) GPS and GLONASS support
Mode A supported “legacy” TS input for NFM single PLP only (mode A option)
Bandpass DTV filter