Combiners are used to combine the signals of several transmitters and translators into one antenna system. Combiners are available with two or three cavity band-pass filters.

Star-point Combiners
Star-point combiners represent a compact and effective solution when there is a large
channel spacing between the transmitters and translators. In the star-point configuration it
is possible to combine up to three band-pass filters. The star-point combiner is pre-tuned to the
requested frequency.

Vigintos Elektronika Star-point Combiners:

  • SP1-2-2FM                 SP1-3-2FM                            2x500W          Datasheet
  • SP1-2-3FM                 SP1-3-3FM                            3x500W
  • SP1-2-4FM                 SP1-3-4FM                            4x500W          Datasheet


  • SP2-2-2FM                 SP2-3-2FM                            2x1kW            Datasheet
  • SP2-2-3FM                 SP2-3-3FM                            3x1kW
  • SP2-2-4FM                 SP2-3-4FM                            4x1kW            Datasheet


  • SP3-2-2FM                 SP3-3-2FM                            2x5kW
  • SP3-2-3FM                 SP3-3-3FM                            3x5kW
  • SP3-2-4FM                 SP3-3-4FM                            4x5kW






Constant Impedance Combiners
Constant impedance combiners consist of pairs of 3 dB couplers and band-pass filters
with the dummy load connected in modules for each of the narrow-band inputs to the combiner.
They are commonly used when the channels of the transmitters and translators are close, or when
connecting a new module to a broadband input in order to open additional channels.


Vigintos Elektronika Constant Impedance Combiners:

  • 3DB1-2-2FM             3DB1-3-2FM                         1+5kW              Datasheet
  • 3DB2-2-2FM             3DB2-3-2FM                         2+5kW              Datasheet
  • 3DB3-2-2FM             3DB3-3-2FM                         5+10kW






A Combination Of Star-point And Constant Impedance Combiners
When more than four transmitters and translators need to be connected in the same antenna
system, a combination of star-point and constant impedance combiners can be installed.